Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt is an 501(c)(3), non profit organization. Program and Corporate sponsorships available

Brief History

The Kansas Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt was started in 1987 by Governor Mike Hayden and the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.  Originally established to enhance the economic climate of the area by inviting key business people to El Dorado, the event also resulted in an opportunity for visiting celebrity hunters to enjoy the outdoor resources Kansas has to offer while they pursued the wild turkey.  Eight sitting Kansas Governors have hunted in the event since its inception, including Mike Hayden, Joan Finney, Bill Graves, Kathleen Sebelius, Mark Parkinson, Sam Brownback, Jeff Colyer and Laura Kelly.

Over the years the mission of the Hunt has expanded, with the focus now including education and creating opportunities to pass on the hunting heritage of our state to our youth and others who participate in the event through the Kansas Youth Program, the National JAKES Program, the Hunting Heroes Program and the Willis Scholarship Foundation.  Now an 501(c)(3) organization, these programs of the Hunt help ensure that future generations will appreciate the importance of wildlife conservation and management while continuing to pass on the hunting heritage.  We are grateful for the many sponsors and celebrity hunters who generously support our mission.

2019 Hunters + Guides

How Does It Work?

This is an invitation only event. Nominations are taken for new hunters and are chosen each year from the prospect list.  Recommendations come from the current Governor, past hunters, volunteers or friends of the hunt.  Contact and biographical information must be submitted to the Turkey Hunt office for a prospect to be considered. 

For more information on state hunting regulations visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website through the link below.


Paul Wilkins– President

Members at Large

Neil Buckman          
Deb Kirkpatrick
John Sutherland
Warren Rensner  
Seth Turner

Alan Stark– Vice President

Eric Bird – Treasurer

Nancy Johnston – Secretary

Executive Director Janet Post

Kansas Governor's
One Shot Turkey Hunt

Our mission is to provide a wild turkey hunting experience which promotes hunting heritage, education and the great Kansas outdoors.


Board of Directors

Top Guns

2019 - Adrien Hansen - Cambridge, MA

2018 - Glenn Williamson - Pawleys Island, SC

2017 - Mark Nichols - Wichita, KS

2016 - Joe Bisogno - DeSota, KS

2015 -  Mat Raymond Jr. – Jacksonville, NC

2014 - Pat Cannon – Longmont, CO

2013 - Michael Miller – Barrington Hills, IL

2012 - James “Bryan” Lewis – Nashville, TN

2011 - Dick Remaly – Tuscan, AZ

2010 - Ed Markel – Pretty Prairie, KS

2009 - Dr. Lance Miller – Jonesville, SC

2008 - Ed Markel – Pretty Prairie, KS


2007 - Mark Elliott – White Plains, NY

2006 - Ed Markel –  Pretty Prairie, KS

2005 - Carissa McKenzie - Alta Vista. KS

2004 - Mark Elliott - White Plains, NY

2003 - Bill Koch – West Palm Beach, FL

2002 - Glenn Williamson – Pawleys Island, SC

2001 - Claibourne Darden – Atlanta, GA

2000 - Adrien Hansen – Cambridge, MA

1999 - Jerry Thomas – Manhattan, KS

1998 - Adrien Hansen – Cambridge, MA

1997 - Bill Hawes – Smith Center, KS

1996 - Buddy Melges – Zenda, WI

1995 - Governor Bill Graves – Topeka, KS

1994 - A. J. "Slim" Flinchum - Chester, VA

1993 - Chuck Ferczok - South Holland, IL

1992 - L.C. Ruff - Scottsdale, AZ

1991 - Frank Gaines – Augusta, KS

1990 - Shaun Viguerie – Metairie, LA

1989 - Jimmy Houston – Cookson, OK

1988 - Dr. James “Red” Duke – Houston, TX

1987 - Gerald Tomanek – Hays, KS

2019 STAFF

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April 15, 16 & 17, 2021

Missing all of our friends at our 34th annual hunt. Stay safe till we meet again!